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Annual report 2014-2015 out now


Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway are contributing to future growth and development in Europe through the EEA and Norway Grants. Our annual report gives you an insight into the progress and achievements over the past year.

A better future for prison inmates


"People are really interested in creating a better future for inmates and staff," says director of the Directorate of Norwegian Correctional Service, Kim Ekhaugen. The Directorate is a donor partner in the programmes contributing to improving the correctional services and prison conditions in Romania, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland.

Putting human rights in the spotlight


With support through the EEA Grants, a Romanian NGO is working to protect the rights of people with disabilities, living in psychiatric wards, hospitals and specialised social care institutions in Romania.

Creating jobs and improving the environment


Romania has the lowest recycling rate in the EU. Less than three per cent of the waste is recycled. Supported by Norway, waste collections points are now set up across the country.

‘Intolerance affects you too’


Twenty-five volunteers, 20 local government institutions, 10 NGOs, one goal – promoting tolerance in different communities across Romania. Project assistant, Andreea Tătaru, tells us about the vision and achievements of the anti-discrimination campaign.

Celebrating World Heritage Day


To mark World Heritage Day, we take a closer look at how Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway are helping to protect cultural heritage and promote cultural cooperation through the EEA Grants.