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Project stories, news and features


Responding to a changing climate


While negotiations for a global climate agreement is ongoing in Paris, climate change is already happening. Adapting societies to the impact of climate change is needed to protect ecosystems, people, infrastructure and businesses. Improving the preparedness at local level is a key element of our adaptation efforts.

Culture programmes to generate lasting impact


The cultural heritage and diversity programmes can contribute substantially towards safeguarding cultural heritage and generate an economic and social impact that will endure beyond the funding.

Beneficial green partnerships


64 Norwegian partners take part in green innovation projects in countries such as Estonia, Poland and Romania. “The participation gives direct access to business opportunities and business culture in the beneficiary countries,” says Anne Lise Rognlidalen from Innovation Norway.

1500 researchers cooperating


“Cooperation in the research programmes contributes to building research networks enabling further cooperation between researchers from Norway and the beneficiary countries,” said Aleksandra Witczak Haugstad from the Research Council of Norway.

Fighting corruption and economic crime


Anti-corruption experts, policymakers and stakeholders from across Europe are meeting in Prague 20-21 October for a conference focusing on combating corruption, money laundering and recovering criminal assets.

Making a real difference


"Norway Grants are vitally important in helping countries meet international standards and tackle weaknesses in their judicial systems," says Natalia Voutova from the Council of Europe. The Council of Europe is a donor programme partner in four programmes in the fields of judicial capacity building and correctional services.

Improving judicial systems


"The  access to justice centres could make a real difference for the judiciary, but also to Romanian society in general," says Audun Hognes Berg from the Norwegian Courts Administration. The Administration is involved as donor programme partner in programmes contributing to improve the judicial systems in Lithuania, Poland and Romania.

Cooperation to fight cross-border and organised crime


The Norwegian National Police Directorate (POD) is involved as a donor programme partner in the Schengen cooperation and combating cross-border crime programmes in Bulgaria and Romania. The cooperation gives the Directorate a better understanding of crime that is committed in Norway at the same time as they can share their experience in e.g. using Schengen information sharing and cooperation tools.