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Project stories, news and features


Establishing a more humane prison


Inspired by the renowned Bastøy Prison in Norway, Romanian authorities have established their own human ecological prison along the same lines. The Norwegian Correctional Services have provided knowledge and best practices.

Green business for a greener environment


“We’re focusing on quality, safety and good equipment. This project allows us to invest in our own factory, reduce energy costs and offer our employees a better working environment.” 

Empowering women in Europe


While progress towards equality between men and women has been made, gender gaps persist. Here we take a look at what we have achieved through the gender equality and gender-based violence programmes.

Together against Tuberculosis


“My immune system was very weak, and the tests showed this too. Nobody in my family had ever had tuberculosis, nor had any of our neighbours, I simply took the microbe from somewhere.”

Standing with civil society


“We’ve fought so hard and achieved a lot. But there’s still much more to do. We now have an opportunity to make a real difference and hope for a better future.”