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Renovation of the Stoa of Attalos Museum in Greece
Renovation of the Stoa of Attalos Museum in Greece was financed by the €482 000 from the EEA and Norway Grants 2004-2009, allowing to preserve and promote the cultural heritage and historic role of the Athenian Agora.

Achievements in Greece 2004-2009

Protection of the environmentand sustainable development was by far the most significant priority sector in Greece, absorbing half of the project funding. The  main focus was the improvement of water supply and distribution in Greek municipalities and the improved management of forest ecosystems. Projects were supported to restore forest areas in the mountain areas of Lakonia and Parnonas, and in the prefectures of Ilia, Messinia and Rodopi. Three out of five partnership projects with Norwegian entities were within the field of the environment. The Grants also contributed to the conservation of Greece’s rich cultural heritage, for example through the rehabilitation of the Byzantine Walls of Thessaloniki and the surrounding landscape, and the reconstruction and presentation of the ancient Agora and the medieval fortifi cations of the town of Kos.

An interesting project involved digitisation of the Agora archives. Nowhere is the history of Athens so richly illustrated than in the Agora in Athens, the market place that was the focal point of public life. After 80 years of systematic excavations, hundreds of thousands of documents, photos and archeological artefacts have been found in the archive. In total, it is foreseen that 67 000 cultural heritage items will be digitilised through three projects in Greece. In the sector for health and childcare, projects have focused on improving the quality of life of victims of abuse, neglect, traffi cking, abduction or exploitation in Greece. Crisis-intervention hostels for abused children under five years were established in Athens, Thessaloniki and Alexandroupolis.

In the town of Drama, the services in a centre for victims of abuse and domestic violence were strengthened, including the establishment of a helpline. Several human resource development projects focused on the integration of immigrants and vulnerable groups into society and the labour market.