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Project stories, news and features


Working together to help young people get work


More than 300 project ideas on how to get young people into the labour market were submitted by the deadline for applications to the new EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment.

Introducing alternatives to imprisonment


With support from Norwegian partners, the Latvian Probation Service are exploring alternatives to prison that can contribute to successful rehabilitation and lower the number of prisoners in Latvian prisons. 

The priceless checkpoint in Riga


Every week approximately 30 people take an express HIV-test at the checkpoint run by the human rights organisation MOZAIKA. Five percent of the tests turns out to be positive.

Official opening of Olaine Prison's new unit for drug addicts


In the beginning of October, a new rehabilitation and treatment centre for drug addicts was officially opened at Olaine Prison in Riga. The construction of the new unit is an important first initiative to fight drug dependency in Latvian prisons.

Modernised governance for local authorities


Latvian municipalities deliver many services to the public but they have tight budgetary constraints. Norway has developed a ‘smart’ governance approach which is being used as a model in Latvia.

A new shift in the Latvian prison system


With support from Norway, Latvian authorities are working to improve drug prevention and treatment programmes in the Latvian prison system. Norwegian partners have shared knowledge and expertise on drug re-socialisation programmes.

Strengthening asylum management


In recent years, migration has put huge pressure on asylum systems in many European countries. Since 2004, significant funding has helped to protect our common borders and strengthen capacity to handle migration, with particular support to Greece since 2012.