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Results: Enhancing research cooperation between Norway and Estonia

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Building knowledge and skills by working together


Investment in research, education and innovation is key to growth and job creation in Europe, making it a major focus in European and national strategies. Through the EEA and Norway Grants, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway support research and scholarship cooperation with twelve countries in Europe.

1500 researchers cooperating


“Cooperation in the research programmes contributes to building research networks enabling further cooperation between researchers from Norway and the beneficiary countries,” said Aleksandra Witczak Haugstad from the Research Council of Norway.

Mindful Estonian research


“This research project can help us understand the basis for memory, pain and psychological disorders such as depression and stress,” explains Professor Tõnis Timmusk from the Tallinn University of Technology.

Making a difference through research cooperation


“There are many sad stories of people with little or no income that still get credit. This is a huge social problem, and it needs to be addressed,” says Karin Sein, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law at the University of Tartu.