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Research - applying for funding

Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway support programmes on research in seven beneficiary countries.The programmes fund a portfolio of projects.

Who can apply for funding?

Only entities registered in the seven countries with this programme can apply. Specific criteria and target groups are defined in the call for proposals. Funding is available for entities registered in the seven beneficiary countries. Target groups include public higher education institutions, public research institutions and other research entities, small and medium-sized enterprises (provided they cooperate with a research organisation) and researchers and scientists.

How can I get involved as a partner?

To enhance knowledge exchange and mutual learning, partnerships between organisations in the donor and beneficiary countries are widely encouraged. Funding is available to support networking and foster project partnerships.

The Research Council of Norway is lending its considerable experience to programme development in all countries except Greece. In Romania, the Icelandic Centre for Research is also a programme partner. The two organisations play a strategic role in programme planning and implementation and can assist Icelandic or Norwegian researchers who wish to cooperate with their counterparts in the beneficiary countries. Partnerships with Norwegian research entities are mandatory in all projects in the bilateral research programmes under the Norway Grants.

More information about how you can become or involve a partner in a project.

How and when to apply?

Projects are selected following open calls organised by the programme operator in each country. Calls are published on the websites of the programme operators and in our open calls calendar.  

Eligibility requirements vary by programmes. Find out more in the individual programme summary for each country: Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Poland and Romania.