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Correctional services, including non-custodial sanctions

Norway supports programmes on correctional services, including non-custodial sanctions in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland and Romania. Each programme, while sharing the same overall objective, is tailor-made to align with national needs and wider EU and donor country priorities.  

The number of prison inmates is increasing in many of the beneficiary countries. Poor prison conditions increases the risk of substance abuse and spread of infectious diseases. Funding from the grant scheme is intended to promote the use of non-custodial sanctions and assistance for vulnerable groups of prisoners

Programme objective:

  • Improved correctional services system in compliance with relevant international human rights instruments

Expected results:

  • Overcome challenges connected to growing prison populations and prison overcrowding
  • Increased application of alternatives to prison
  • Increased focus on vulnerable groups in prison
  • Improved competence of both inmates and prison staff

Priorities, funded activities and eligibility criteria vary by programme. Read more detailed information in the individual programme summary for each country: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland and Romania.

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