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Together against Tuberculosis


“My immune system was very weak, and the tests showed this too. Nobody in my family had ever had tuberculosis, nor had any of our neighbours, I simply took the microbe from somewhere.”

Putting Mental Health First


With support through the Norway Grants, the new Children’s Mental Health Centre recently opened its doors in Tallinn. The centre will be integral for providing more comprehensive services to children and youth suffering from mental health problems.

International Roma Day


Ensuring better conditions for the Roma in Europe is a priority for Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. On International Roma Day 8 April, we take a closer look at what is done on the ground through the EEA and Norway Grants.

Teaming up for better health


A new national health examination survey - the first of its kind in Portugal - supported through the EEA Grants will contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of Portuguese health.

Norwegian health authorities study visit to Poland


“Poland’s health care has advanced by 40 years in the space of 20. Addressing health inequalities that are linked to other policy areas, such as employment and education, requires a cross-sectoral approach,“ said Norwegian Directorate of Health, Senior Adviser, Dr Otto Christian Rø.