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Integrated marine and inland water management

Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway support programmes on integrated marine and inland water management. The objective of these programmes is good environmental status in European marine and inland waters.

More than half of the lakes in the EEA and Norway Grants beneficiary countries are classified as having bad, poor or moderate water status, according to the EU. To improve this, continued efforts are required to curb pollution and strengthen capacity to mange Europe's vast marine and inland water.

Programmes in this area help the beneficiaries achieve good environmental status in their waters and meet EU targets on water protection and management. The EU Water Framework Directive has a number of objectives, such as preventing and reducing pollution, promoting sustainable water usage, improving aquatic ecosystems and mitigating the effects of floods and droughts. Its ultimate aim is to achieve ‘good ecological status’ for all Community waters by 2015.

Better data collection, monitoring and assessment of environmental status and trends help beneficiary countries meet these targets. It also provide a solid basis for developing more effective plans to protect marine ecosystems and services they provide.

Programme objective:

  • Good environmental status in European marine and inland waters

Expected results:

  • More integrated management of marine and inland water resources
  • Improved environmental monitoring of marine waters
  • Improved water management structure
  • Increased capacity for assessing and predicting environmental status in marine and inland waters
  • Increased awareness of in integrated marine and inland water management

Priorities, funded activities and eligibility criteria vary by programme.

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