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Photographer: Universidade de Minho

Integrated marine and inland water management

Many forms of human activity put water resources under pressure. Sound management of water resources requires a holistic approach, to simultaneously address challenges related to biodiversity, climate change and pollution.

The programmes in this area contribute to achieve good environmental status in marine and inland waters and meet EU targets on water protection and management.

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Read about the programme in each country to find out what activities are funded, how to apply, or how to get involved as a partner.

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For applicants

Target groups for the funding include public institutes responsible for water management, research institutes and NGOs.  

For partners

The Norwegian Environment Agency is donor programme partner in this field. They can assist Norwegian entities who wish to get involved. Project partnerships between entities in the donor and beneficiary countries are also encouraged.

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Project stories, news and features


Learning about the ocean


What influence do you have on the ocean and what influence does the ocean have on you? These are the questions young people in Portugal seek to learn more about with support through the EEA Grants.

Preparing for heatwaves and icy roads in Estonia


Three Estonian research teams have in cooperation with partners from Norway and Iceland analysed climate change adaptation options. The findings will serve as a basis for a proposal for a national climate change adaptation strategy for Estonia.