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Adaptation to climate change

Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway support programmes on adaptation to climate change. The objective of these programmes is reduced human and ecosystem vulnerability to climate change.

The changing climate impacts society and ecosystems in a broad variety of ways. For example climate change can increase or decrease rainfall, influence agricultural crop yields, affect human health, cause changes to forests and other ecosystems, or even impact our energy supply.

Climate-related impacts are occurring across all regions of Europe and across many sectors of the economy. Public authorities need to prepare for the impacts of climate change through ‘adaptation’ i.e. planning for the changes that are expected to occur. Early action will save on damage costs later.

Programmes in this area strengthen capacity to assess vulnerability to climate change and help the beneficiary countries better anticipate its adverse effects.

Programme objective:

  • Reduced human and ecosystem vulnerability to climate change

Expected results:

  • Developed systems for information exchange on climate change adaptation
  • Developed strategies and measures for adapting to a changing climate
  • Increased capacity to assess vulnerability to climate change
  • Increased awareness of and education in climate change adaptation

Priorities, funded activities and eligibility criteria vary by programme.

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