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How the Grants are spent

In the current funding period (2009-2014), Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway have allocated a total of €1.798 billion to the EEA and Norway Grants. Through the EEA and Norway Grants, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway contribute to promoting social and economic cohesion and strengthening bilateral relations in the European Economic Area (EEA).

Priority areas

The funding is targeted towards areas where there are clear needs in the beneficiary countries and in line with broader European policies and national priorities.

The environment protection and climate change sectors represent around one third of the total allocation. Other priority areas include research and innovation, civil society and investing in people through human and social development.

Funding is awarded through larger programmes with clear objectives.

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Beneficiary countries

Funding is channelled through 150 programmes in the 16 beneficiary countries. Country allocations are based on population size and GDP per capita, making Poland the largest beneficiary state, followed by Romania, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

Distribution of funding on countries

Previous period

In the previous funding period 2004-2009, the total allocation was €1.3 billion. Poland received the largest individual allocation at almost €559 million, followed by Hungary and the Czech Republic who received approximately €135 and €110 million respectively.

Similar to the current period, the environment was an important priority and was the biggest individual sector with an allocation of more than €246 million. Cultural heritage was the second biggest sector, with an allocation of almost €244 million. Health and child care was number three with an allocation of more than €161 million.

By the end of 2014 all projects in 11 out of 15 beneficiary countries were closed. Total disbursement at the end of 2014 were €1.1 billion. This is equivalent to an overall disbursement rate of 88 per cent.

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