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Communication and design manual
The communication and design manual for the funding period 2009-2014 provides guidance and advice on how to best carry out information and publicity activities on programmes and projects.  

A new communication and design manual with guidance on the new logo and visual identity is under development and will be published here when it is ready in the coming months. 

Download logos for the EEA Grants and the Norway Grants here.

You will find the combined EEA and Norway Grants logo, the EEA Grants logo and the Norway Grants logo as well as the Active Citizens Fund logo. The logos are available in black and white version that can be used on various backgrounds. 

Rules on how to use the logos will be found in the communication and design manual currently under development. Do you have questions on how to use the logo, please contact the FMO communication team on info-fmo@efta.int

Guidance on developing the communication plan

The relevant requirements are found in the Information and Communication Requirements (Annex 3 to the Regulations). To provide further support to Programme Operators, a guidance note on developing the Communication Plan for programmes is available.


Communication templates related to the EEA and Norway Grants 2009-2014 can be found here below (these templates are not to be used for any new communication material related to the 2014-2021 period).