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    Communications Review of the EEA and Norway Grants 2009-2014

    An independent Communications Review published today identifies good communications results but also shows that there are major differences in the quality and scope of practices carried out by the actors involved in our cooperation programmes. 

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    Review of Decent Work and Tripartite Dialogue programme published

    The Global Fund for Decent Work and Tripartite Dialogue has improved practices and social dialogue structure and increased understanding of Decent Work principles.

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    Standing with civil society

    “We’ve fought so hard and achieved a lot. But there’s still much more to do. We now have an opportunity to make a real difference and hope for a better future.”

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    Empowering women in Europe

    While progress towards equality between men and women has been made, gender gaps persist. Here we take a look at what we have achieved through the gender equality and gender-based violence programmes.

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    Culture programmes to generate lasting impact

    The cultural heritage and diversity programmes can contribute substantially towards safeguarding cultural heritage and generate an economic and social impact that will endure beyond the funding.

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