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Bilateral national fund - Croatia

About the fund


The bilateral fund in Croatia aim to strengthen political, professional, social and economic ties and lay foundations for wider relations between Croatia and the three donor countries Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

The donor countries  and Croatia have decided to create a joint bilateral fund in Croatia, where the fund for bilateral relations at national level shall be implemented jointly with the funds for bilateral relations at programme level.

The total allocation to the bilateral fund is €515 625. The donor countries and Croatia have decided to make a specific allocation of €100 000 to establish a cooperation between Croatia and Iceland in the field of geothermal energy.

The donor countries and Croatia would like to see a clear impact and long-term effects of the cooperation taking place under the bilateral fund, which should provide a platform for increased political, cultural, professional and academic relations. Therefore, entities from the donor countries and relevant national stakeholders in Croatia shall be able to access and benefit from the fund in order to prepare and implement specific activities for this purpose.

The bilateral fund shall fund complementary initiatives such as conferences, workshops, study tours, studies, consultancies, and information activities, as well as the preparatory activities in the programming phase preparing the ground for future cooperation in programmes and projects.

Key facts
Size of fund: € 515,625.
Fund operator:  National Focal Point, Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds