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Bilateral national fund - Portugal

About the fund


In Portugal, €289,750 has been set aside for the bilateral fund at national level.  Among the focus areas for the fund are initiatives to reduce national inequalities and promote social inclusion.

The funding from the bilateral national fund serves as a flexible source of financial support for initiatives from both Portuguese and donor country entities that can contribute to strengthening bilateral relations. The funds are to be used strategically and their scope is broader than those under the programmes agreed in Portugal.

What are the priorities?

  • Social inclusion and the effect of the economic crisis
  • Urban disadvantages areas – innovative and new approaches
  • Horizontal concerns (hate speech, extremism, racism and xenophobia, homophobia, anti-Semitism, tolerance/multicultural understanding, Roma, sexual harassment, violence against women and trafficking and help to promote tolerance)

What is supported?
The fund does not support projects. Rather, it supports various small scale initiatives within the supported areas that will contribute to strengthening the bilateral relations between Portugal and Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.  Funded activities include conferences and seminars, study tours and expert exchanges, exhibitions and production of promotional material, data collection, reports and publications.

Key facts
Fund operator: Ministry for Agriculture, Sea, Environment and Spatial Planning
Size of fund: €289,750