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Bilateral national fund - Poland

About the fund


In Poland, € 2,890,500 is set aside in the fund to strengthen bilateral relations between Poland and the donor states. A conference on trafficking in human beings will be one of the key activities supported by the fund in 2013.

The funding from the bilateral national fund serves as a flexible source of financial support for initiatives from both Polish and donor country entities that can contribute to strengthening the bilateral relations. The funds are to be used strategically and can go beyond the programmes.

What are the priorities?
The funding available under the bilateral national fund in Poland will both strengthen existing cooperation, as well as support new initiatives extending and further developing the bilateral cooperation. The priorities include, first of all:
- Environmental protection and management
- Energy, including renewable energy sources
- Sustainable development
- Civil society
- Justice and home affairs
- Social and human development
- Protecting cultural heritage
- Promoting and raising awareness about the EEA and Norway Grants

What is supported?
The fund supports activities such as meetings and study visits, bilateral cooperation projects, preparatory activities related to the launch of the programmes, conferences, development of scientific and information material, as well as activities going beyond the cooperation within the programmes.

The fund will support activities agreed between the donors and Poland laid down in a work plan that is discussed on an annual basis.

Supported activities – examples

  • Conference on regional policy “Gateway toPoland– The EEA Financial Mechanisms – opportunities for regional cooperation”. Organised by the Ministry of Regional Development, the Embassy of Poland in Oslo and the Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities.
  • International trafficking conference 26-27 November 2013 in Poland. Organised by the Polish Ministry of Interior, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Council of Europe
  • Participation in the well-known POLEKO International Trade Fair of Environmental Protection, 7-10 October 2013 in Poznan and the organisation of a conference on the margins of the fair.
  • Expert conferences on mediation and court management to promote the institution of mediation in Poland and to offer a platform for exchanging experience in court management with Norwegian partners.

Key facts
Fund operator:  Ministry of Regional Development, Department for Aid Programmes and Technical Assistance
Size of fund: €2,890,500
Funds can be used until: 31/10/2017