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Bilateral national fund - Malta

About the fund


The fund is established to strengthen the bilateral relations between Malta and the donor states within the programme areas of the EEA and Norway Grants. The fund supports activities such as preparatory meetings between project partners, participation of Maltese officials at events organised by the donor state, as well as a bilateral seminar to be organised in Malta.

The funding from the bilateral national fund serves as a flexible source of financial support for bilateral initiatives. It is to be used strategically and can go beyond the programmes.

What are the priorities?
The support from the fund is building on where cooperation already exists and is following the programme areas in Malta, mainly focused on adaptation to climate change, renewable energy, conservation and revitalisation of cultural and natural heritage, capacity-building and institutional co-operation between beneficiary state and Norwegian public institutions, local and regional authorities and correctional services, including non-custodial sanctions.

Specific areas of common interest agreed between the Maltese National Focal Point and the donor states are adaptation to climate change and capacity-building and institutional co-operation between beneficiary state and Norwegian public institutions, local and regional authorities.  

What is supported?
The fund is not supporting projects. Relevant activities include workshops and conferences, as well as preparatory meetings for project promoters.

Calls for proposals
There will not be any open calls.

Who can apply?
The following entities from Malta and donor countries, including the Council of Europe, can apply for funding from the fund:

  • Programme operators (including their partners from the line ministries)
  • Applicants and partners of pre-defined projects from donor states
  • National focal point for the EEA and Norway Grants 2009-2014
  • Other entities competent in supported programme areas

If the applicant is an institution from a donor state, it must cooperate with an entity from Malta.

Supported activities

  • The Maltese and Norwegian partners met with the Council of Europe in Oslo in October 2012 to prepare the project “A Partnership for Creative Governance”.
  • A preparatory meeting between the Norwegian Coast Authority and Transport Malta was organised on 6 March 2013 at the office of the Norwegian Coast Authorityin Horten, Norway. The meeting served as an information exchange exercise during which details on how to execute the upcoming project ‘Oil/HNS Spill response Capacity building for the protection of Malta’s Seas’ were discussed.
  • Another technical meeting was held on 24 May 2013 in France between the Centre of Expertise for Local Democracy Reform, Council of Europe and the Department for Local Government regarding the Project ‘Partnership for Creative Governance’

Key facts
National Focal Point: Ministry of European Affairs and the Implementation of the Electoral Manifesto, Funds and Programmes Division
Size of fund: €22,500
Funds can be used: From 11 October 2011 until 31 January 2016