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Bilateral national fund - Estonia

About the fund


In Estonia, €243 000 has been set aside for the bilateral national fund.  Among the focus areas for the fund, are children and youth and the promotion of healthy lifestyles through sports.

The funding from the bilateral national fund serves as a flexible source of financial support for initiatives from both Estonian and donor country entities that can contribute to strengthening the bilateral relations. The funds are to be used strategically and can go beyond the programmes.

What are the priorities?

  • Enhancing collaboration in promoting democratic values and open debate in society with a specific focus on youth
  • Strengthening collaboration on common concerns in the area of children and youth
  • Augmenting cooperation in promoting healthy life styles through sports and outdoor activities with specific focus on youth
  • Learning from best practices on other topics relevant for municipalities
  • Co-operation in the priority areas of the Estonian and Norwegian chairmanships of the Baltic Sea Council

What is supported?
The fund does not support projects. Rather, it supports various activities that will contribute to strengthening the bilateral relations between Estonia and Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.  Funded activities include organising and participating in seminars, workshops and conferences, training courses and other meetings as well as joint preparation in international meetings and network organisations, awareness-raising , etc.

Call for proposals
There are no calls for proposals under the national bilateral fund for Estonia.

Supported activities - examples

  • Democracy Day (17-19 September 2012) - cooperation between Estonia and Norway in promoting democratic values:
    • to involve broader perspective and new views in debates in Estonia;
    • to spread the idea of celebrating the Day of Democracy to Norway;
    • to find cooperation possibilities in democracy education.
  • Research programme partner day 21 September 2012
  • Joint conference of children and youth at risk and public health initiatives programmes to introduce relevant best practices and evidence based interventions in donor countries  to the programme stakeholders (3-4 October 2012)
  • Winter sport conference : to introduce donor countries’ best practices in promoting healthy life-styles 16 October 2012
  • A regional contact seminar on 14-15 March in Pärnu discussing possible cooperation between municipalities and municipal institutions

Key facts
Fund operator: Ministry of Finance, Structural and Foreign Assistance Department
Size of fund: €243 000