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The EEA and Norway Grants help organisations from the beneficiary countries connect with their counterparts from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. Visit the data and results portal to find out more about the partnerships and what they have achieved. 

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Project stories, news and features


Preparing for heatwaves and icy roads in Estonia


Three Estonian research teams have in cooperation with partners from Norway and Iceland analysed climate change adaptation options. The findings will serve as a basis for a proposal for a national climate change adaptation strategy for Estonia.

Standing with civil society


“We’ve fought so hard and achieved a lot. But there’s still much more to do. We now have an opportunity to make a real difference and hope for a better future.”

Czech-Icelandic collaboration on clean energy


How can electricity be produced in an environmentally friendly way? Researchers from the Czech Republic and Iceland are working together to strengthen research on clean energy and environmentally friendly technologies.

Responding to a changing climate


While negotiations for a global climate agreement is ongoing in Paris, climate change is already happening. Adapting societies to the impact of climate change is needed to protect ecosystems, people, infrastructure and businesses. Improving the preparedness at local level is a key element of our adaptation efforts.

Culture programmes to generate lasting impact


The cultural heritage and diversity programmes can contribute substantially towards safeguarding cultural heritage and generate an economic and social impact that will endure beyond the funding.

Preventing flood damage in Slovakia


Slovakia is regularly affected by overflowing rivers as well as long drought periods. Improving the preparedness for these potential catastrophes is not only helping the country, but can also be of use in Norway.

From Valencia to Trondheim


A new environment, new culture, new language, new friends – studying abroad can truly be a life changing experience. With the EEA Grants, Spanish students have the opportunity to experience student life in Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.