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Frontpage News 2016 Less pollution with cleaner technology

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With support through the Norway Grants, Skeleton Technologies have developed a revolutionary technology which reduces fuel and battery consumption in trucks Photographer: Eino Kink - Äripäev

Less pollution with cleaner technology

  • With support from Norway through the Norway Grants, Skeleton Technologies (ST) in Estonia is developing revolutionary technology which reduces fuel and battery consumption in trucks.

    “We are a leading company in the business and we aim to help customers to reduce CO2 emissions and energy loss. This would not be possible without the intelligent module technology developed during the project,” says Chief Operating Officer, Oliver Ahlberg.

    The support through the 'Green Industry Innovation' programme in Estonia has made it possible for the company to hire a world class team to develop a new generation of IT solutions.

    During the project ST has developed two different types of technology: an engine starting module (ESM) for trucks and other vehicles and a 160V module to store braking energy to use for later acceleration.

    Both of the modules developed save energy. The 160V module can reduce the fuel consumption of trucks by up to 25%. The ESM reduces fuel consumption and extends the lifetime of batteries as well as lowering their consumption.


    In 2015 Skeleton Technologies won the Swedish Business Awards and was named as one of the top 100 cleantech companies in the world by the Cleantech Group.

    The project is one of 15 large projects in a €6 million programme financed by Norway to increase the competitiveness of green enterprises, including the greening of existing industries, green innovation and green entrepreneurship.

    Results at a glance

    • 39 Processes and smart solutions with IT developed and improved
    • 3 New environmental technologies successfully commercialised
    • 2 New environmental technologies successfully developed
    • 11 Projects with a Norwegian partner

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  • Country:


    Project title:

    Fully Integrated Information and Communication Technology Platform for Operational Management of Ultracapacitors

    Project number:


    Priority sector:

    Green Industry Innovation


    € 594513



    Project promoter:

    OÜ Skeleton Technologies

    Type of Institution:

    Small or medium sized enterprise (SME)

    Project duration:

    26 months

    Project cost:

    € 932,569

    Grant from:

    Norway Grants

    Skeleton Technologies OÜ (Ltd.) is a manufacturer and developer of industry-leading ultracapacitors based on patented SkeletonC nanoporous carbon and novel ultracapacitor design. Until now, Skeleton has focused its strategy on cell-level ultracapacitor development and production, however, market demand and therefore the industry are shifting from cell-level to turnkey solutions. This open call project, originating from the small grant scheme, aims to develop a fully integrated ICT-base platform (hardware and software) to manage Skeleton Technologies ultracapacitor cells and modules, which through further development can be used in various applications. The solution will help to increase the efficiency and reliability of the device and lower price per energy unit . As a result of the project, the solution would allow Skeleton to climb considerably higher in the industry value chain, reach the end customer and receive a price premium for its product.