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Photo credit: Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage

Cultural projects in the spotlight

The newly-opened photo exhibition 'People and possibilities' puts the spotlight on some of the many projects that have received funding through the cultural heritage and diversity programmes.

The exhibition, which opened in Oslo 9 March, put the spotlight on 10 innovative cultural projects with Norwegian partners - the involved stakeholders, projects results and the cultural sector as a contributor to local and regional development in Europe, 

The aim of the exhibition is both to showcase a selection of project results within the cultural heritage and diversity programmes, as well as to emphasise the importance of this sector for future economic growth, employment, social inclusion and mutual understanding. Information will be available in both English and Norwegian.

Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway are contributing over €200 million through the EEA Grants to cultural heritage and diversity programmes in 14 countries. The programmes work to protect and restore cultural heritage, heritage management and promote intercultural dialogue and diversity in the arts. More than 440 projects have received funding, of which 240 include bilateral partnerships. Bilateral cooperation facilitates exchange of knowledge and practices between the donor and beneficiary countries, and provide opportunities for future cooperation for involved stakeholders.

People and Possibilities’

Since the planning started one year ago, 10 projects have been firmly documented through photographs taken on trips across Europe. The aim is to give life to the individuals that have devoted their time and energy to these projects. The ten projects are visualised through photographs and quotes from the involved actors.  

The opening took place at Kulturhuset in Oslo, and among the speakers were the Norwegian State Secretary of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Elsbeth Tronstad, and ambassador of the European Union to Norway, Helen Campbell. In her speech, State Secretary Tronstad emphasised how the exhibition, in a simplistic manner, captures the essence of the Grants: 

“We invest in people and provide them with opportunities to make a difference in their own life, as well as in the life of others.”

She also highlighted the high number of cultural projects with a Norwegian partner:

“Between 30 and 40 percent of all cultural projects have Norwegian partners. This number underscores the relevance of the EEA Grants for the Norwegian cultural sector.” 

The well-known Norwegian jazz musician Håkon Kornstad, who is one of many cultural actors to be part of a project supported by the EEA Grants, performed at the opening.

The photo exhibition ‘People and Possibilities’ will be available in Oslo for two months, and will also travel to selected locations, including several libraries, in Norway. The exhibition can also be visited online (in Norwegian only).


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