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Frontpage News 2014 Preserving ecosystems in Romania

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Photo: The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Preserving ecosystems in Romania

Funding is now available through three calls of proposal under the ‘Biodiversity and ecosystem services’ programme in Romania. Restoration of ecosystems, better monitoring and studies of ecological corridors are among the activities supported. 

Romania has one of the most unique ecosystems in Europe. The vast reed beds of the Danube Delta, the high density of large carnivores and the extensive forests covering the Carpathian Mountains are some of the most significant and best known aspects of Romania's biological richness. However, pollution, the damming of rivers, industrial agriculture and over-exploitation of natural resources have put this rich ecosystem at risk.

The EEA Grants will fund three calls for proposals under the ‘Biodiversity and ecosystem services’ programme.

What is supported?

The first call for proposal will support studies on how protected ecosystems contribute to economic sectors. Summary reports giving policy advice are also supported under this call.

The second call for proposal will support the development of methodologies in order to establish ecological corridors. The identification of critical areas where ecological corridors are necessary, as well as training for better management and monitoring of ecological corridors are supported.

The thirds call for proposals will support the restoration of large ecosystems. This might include efforts to halt the degradation of ecosystems, the fragmentation of habitats and migration routes and loss of connectivity between habitats, the spread on invasive alien species and measures to prevent unsustainable hunting or fishing.

To these ends, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway provide around €9.8 million.

Who can apply?

Romanian public authorities are eligible to apply for funding under all three calls for proposals. Non-governmental organisations may also apply for funding under the first call for proposals.

Project partnerships with public or private entities (commercial or non-commercial), as well as non-governmental organisations from the donor countries – Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway – are encouraged. Romanian or beneficiary and neighbouring countries’ entities can also be eligible as project partners.

When is the application deadline?

The application deadline is 28 October, 2014.

Programme operator

The ‘Biodiversity and ecosystem services’ programme is run by the Romanian Ministry of Environment and Climate Change. The Norwegian Environment Agency is involved in the programme as a donor programme partner.

Read the full call texts on the website of the programme operator for more information

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