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Frontpage News 2014 Poland: Open call to support bilateral cooperation in public health

Photographer: Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Poland: Open call to support bilateral cooperation in public health

The call is aimed at developing partnerships and facilitating the exchange, sharing and transfer of knowledge, technology, experience and best practices between Polish local authorities and Norwegian organisations working in public health.

Poland, like many other European countries, has experienced a steady growth in life expectancy and significant improvements in health status over the past years. 

However, different factors trigger increasing inequalities in health, such as unequal income distribution, living conditions, healthcare services, diet, alcohol and substance abuse. 

In total, Norway grants have set aside €18 million to improve public health and reduce health inequalities in Poland.

Who can apply?

Local government units (“Powiats”)


The following expenditures are eligible for funding:
a) Fees and travel expenses for conferences, seminars , courses, meetings and workshops;
b) Travel costs during study visits;
c) Travel expenses and costs for the visits of experts;
d) Costs of conferences, seminars, courses, meetings and workshops;
e) Informational and promotional activities;
f) Fees for external consultancy.


The total allocation available within the 1st call for FBR applications is 65 000 EUR i.e. = 272 571 PLN.


Eligible partners are Norwegian government bodies: municipalities (Nowegian Kommune), counties (Norwegian Fylke) as well as non-governmental organisations, educational institutions (universities, colleges) and research institutions that operate in the area health.

Apply here

FBR PL13 1st call for proposals

Reducing social inequalities in health