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Garden That Teaches

Children, teachers and parents are digging in and getting their hands dirty in school gardens across Slovakia. Zilina elementary school in Zajezova is one of eight schools where children learn through growing fruit and vegetables. They're 'Happy'!

Schools often have land surrounding them that isn’t in use. ‘The Garden that Teaches’ project works with teachers and students to develop a plan and build a garden on this land. As they work students learn about the different sciences crucial to understanding nature and sustainable development.

"Children are now happy about their new school garden, so we wanted to show it to the world. Performers in the video include the children, teachers and parents - we are happy!" says Jana Koťková, Project Manager.

“Children are involved from the planning stage. They chose elements which they want to have in the school garden and made drawings of their ‘dream’ garden. Together we think about the topics which can be taught in creating the garden. And finally, the children’s favourite part is the outdoor work: creating ponds, beds and planting,” says Jana.

Zivica – Centre for Environmental and Ethical Education - is a non-governmental organisation. Zivica’s aim is to inspire people to make positive changes in society, they achieve this through education and eco-counselling of children and adults.

Lessons learned from the pilot schools will be published and shared through an interactive webpage and seminars. Other schools are already showing an interest.

“I receive many enquiries, including teachers from other schools who have asked me about ‘The Garden That Teaches’ and the possibilities of how to get involved,” says Jana.

The project has two project partners. Chaloupky a Czech organisation that also helps children and adults gain a better understanding of their environment and the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), a Norwegian organisation.

About the project

The project receives €66 712 funding from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the NGO fund in Slovakia.

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