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Frontpage News 2013 Risk and results on the agenda in Oslo

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Risk and results on the agenda in Oslo

Representatives from the 15 beneficiary countries and the donor states were in Oslo this week to take part in a risk and results seminar.

With the EEA and Norway Grants amounting to nearly €1.8 billion for the period 2009-2014, and the large number of projects, programmes and numerous stakeholders involved, discussions focused on how to best work in ways that deliver results and avoid misuse of funds.

At the seminar, representatives from the beneficiary states outlined some of the particular challenges they faced in their countries as well as how they work to achieve results. Transparency International, a strategic partner of the Grants, presented their findings on the corruption risks in different countries and programmes.

The Office of Auditor General of Norway has recently presented a report on the Grants. Findings emphasise risk and results management as a precondition for better achieving the ambitious target of ultimately reducing social and economic disparities in the beneficiary countries.    

As many of the projects are now entering into the implementation phase, increased awareness of risk and results management will be emphasised even more strongly.

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