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Promoting healthy lifestyles in Estonia

Are you an Estonian NGO or research institution working in the field of health care? Then you can apply for funding from the Estonian public health programme.

Financed by the Norway Grants, the Estonian public health programme aims to improve the population health in Estonia. The main focus areas of the programmes are:

  • Improvement of mental health services, in particular for children and youth
  • Improvement of access to and quality of health services, including reproductive and preventive child health care
  • Increased prevention and reduction of lifestyle-related diseases
  • Improvement of prevention and treatment of communicable diseases (including HIV/AIDS and TB)

Among the supported projects is the establishment of a mental health centre for children at Tallinn Children’s hospital, and developing and piloting rehabilitation services for children and youth with severe mental health problems.

Last call

Two calls for proposals under the Estonian health public programme have already closed, and a third and last call is now open. The call supports projects in two different areas:

  • Social marketing campaigns on healthy lifestyles
  • Training on health in all policies in non-health sectors.

What is supported?

The social marketing campaign part of the call supports the following:

  • Social marketing campaigns
  • This includes informing about unhealthy lifestyles as well as encouraging a long-term behaviour change to improve personal and social outcomes. Particular attention should be paid to children and youth.

The training part of the call supports the following:

  • Conducting training sessions on creating a healthy environment and considering health in all policies for decision-makers from local and county governments and specialists working in local and county governments from non-health sectors;
  • Developing guidelines for local governments on preventing substance abuse and promoting healthy life-style for children and youth

Who can apply for funding?

The following organisations are eligible for funding:

  • Non-governmental organisations
  • Research and development institutions

Partnerships with organisations from Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway are encouraged.

When is the application deadline?

Application must be submitted by 12.00 PM (EET) February 20 2014

Click here for more information as well as the call documents

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