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Frontpage News 2013 Portugal: call under the fund for bilateral relations

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Portugal: call under the fund for bilateral relations

A call for proposals for initiatives under the national bilateral fund in Portugal is now open for entities from Portugal as well as from the donor countries Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

The fund is established to strengthen the bilateral relations between Portugal and the donor countries within the priority sectors and the areas of common interest, such as the horizontal concerns of the EEA Grants.

The funding serves as a flexible source of support for initiatives from both Portuguese and donor country entities.

The fund provides the first of three possible ways for accessing funding under the EEA Grants that specifically allow for cooperation between entities in Portugal and the donor countries – the other two are: the separate funds for bilateral relations under each of the eight programmes that will start operating in Portugal in the summer of 2013; and the calls for project applications involving partners from the donor countries under the eight programmes. Please see here for an introduction to the partnership opportunities under the Grants.

Who can apply?

Any entity, public or private, commercial or non-commercial and non-governmental organizations, established as a legal person in Portugal or in the donor countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway), as well as inter-governmental organizations operating in Portugal can apply for funding.

The fund assumes that partnership will be developed between entities in Portugal and one or more of the donor countries.

What is supported?

The funding is intended for small scale initiatives within the supported areas.

The fund is not intended for financing of projects. It provides financial support for broad initiatives, information activities, complementary, preparatory and supportive initiatives, and documents with the aim to create or strengthen the base for present or future cooperation.

The amount of €210,000 is being made available through this call, sub-divided into the following three areas:

  • Horizontal concerns: this  area  aims to foster cooperation on issues of common concerns or/and with political relevance such as: hate speech, extremism, racism and xenophobia, homophobia, anti-Semitism, sexual harassment, violence against women and trafficking and help to promote tolerance, multicultural understanding and Roma inclusion.
  • Social exclusion in urban areas: this area aims to support initiatives targeting urban disadvantages areas; the effects of crises on youth employment; innovative & new approaches; and to engage civil society.
  • Travel schemes and conference costs: this area aims to promote bilateral cooperation in areas within the limits set in the memorandum of understanding :
    • Environmental protection and management
    • Climate change and renewable energy
    • Civil society
    • Human and social development
    • Protecting cultural heritage

When is the application deadline?

Applications can be submitted until 24 June 2013. An additional call will be organised if the allocations set aside for the call are not committed as a result of this call.

Further information as well as the call documents can be found here.