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Frontpage News 2013 Improving health care in Poland

Photo credit: Piotr Waniorek/ Zelazna Studio

Improving health care in Poland

Poland has the largest public health programme in the current funding period. The application deadline for the programme, which has a total allocation of €46.9, has now been extended until 28 June.       

Just like many other European countries, Poland is facing the demographic change of an ageing population, combined with a negative population growth rate. By 2035, the Polish population will have shrunk with more than 800 000 people, according to estimates. This change, combined with the fact that first time mothers in Poland keep getting older, are challenges for the Polish health care system. Financed by the EEA and Norway Grants, the public health programme helps Poland tackle some of these challenges, by setting aside €46.9 million for the three following areas:

  • Perinatal care focusing on increasing the number of live births
  • Long term care for chronically ill and dependant elderly people
  • Care for cancer patients and persons at high risk for getting cancer

The funding covers a wide range of activities in the three focus areas such as health education, prevention programmes and purchasing of new equipment.

Several measures

To improve the access to and quality of health care services for the three target groups, the Grants are supporting both infrastructure projects, such as building of new facilities and purchase of equipment, as well as disease prevention programmes and cancer screening.  The programme also funds research activities. A central aspect of the programme is to reduce social inequalities by improving the access to healthcare in disadvantaged regions.

The public health programme in Poland is operated by the Polish Ministry of Health.

Who can apply?

Entities eligible for funding   are public or non-public health care facilities, research institutions and medical universities, publicly financed long-term care centres non-governmental organisations and other operating in the health field.

All applicants are encouraged to carry out their projects in partnership with institutions from Iceland, Norway or Liechtenstein.

A full overview of eligibility criteria as well as more information is available here