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Frontpage News 2013 Hungarian NGOs to Iceland and Norway

Civil society development supported in Hungary
Photographer: Christian Vander Eecken

Hungarian NGOs to Iceland and Norway

After the summer break, seven Hungarian NGO professionals will travel to Iceland and Norway to work in local NGOs for three to five months.

The work placement is supported by the NGO programme in Hungary. The programme aims to strengthen the Hungarian civil society. The aim of the internship grant is to support Hungarian NGO professionals to visit and learn from the practical experience of NGOs working in Norway and Iceland.

The selection of participants is ready and the Hungarian NGO representatives will get experience from different organisations in Iceland and Norway:

Jæren distriktspsykiatriske senter in Rogaland, Norway will welcome the head of the Támasz Foundation in Pécs for four months. The foundations is working with homeless people and wish to integration psychosocial support into their profile. The Norwegian partner organisation is an independent institutions developing and giving psychiatric treatment of adults above 18.

Fuglavernd - BirdLife Iceland  in Reykjavik will welcome a person from the organisation Bird Proociety of Kiskunság for three months. The organization works with nature protection and birdlife in South-Eastern Hungary. The aim of the cooperation is to study good practices within sustainable ecotourism. The Icelandic organisation works for the protection of Iceland's birds and their habitats.
United World College i Fjaler, Norway will have a volunteer from the Hungarian Never Give Up Foundation with them for five months. The aim of the cooperation is to learn about the structure and sustainability policy of the United World College, a network of international secondary schools offering an educational experience based on shared learning, collaboration and understanding so that the students would act as champions of peace.  The Hungarian organisation connects young Roma and the disabled. They build local community spaces, based on principles of sustainability, for the disabled where the young Roma can volunteer. 
The Icelandic Human Rights Center in Reykjavik will host a representative from the Hungarian Association for Movement and Dance Therapy for three months. The project aims to address the victims of workplace harassment. The applicant’s organization would be the only one in Hungary dealing with this issue. The sender organization is a grass-root organization; all colleagues are volunteers, who want to develop the organization. The application has strong emphasis on learning the human rights aspects of therapeutic methods, and also on the organizational structure and sustainability requirements. The organization focuses on re-gaining and improving the self-confidence of individuals or victims. She would examine how this method is conducted with disadvantaged groups at the host organization. 
The Church City Mission in Oslo (Kirkens Bymisjon) will welcome a colleague from the Hungarian Centre for Defence of Human Rights for three months. The Hungarian NGO representative is mainly dealing with drug addict women and mothers in Hungary and wants to learn more about the research work of the Church City Mission. The Norwegian partner is doing social work within areas such as drugs and alcohol, elderly, child care, among prostitutes etc.  

The entrepreneur house The HUB in Bergen will welcome the director of the Hungarian Local Measure Foundation. The Hungarian organisation works in the field of community and organizational development, and aims to create motivating environment for NGOs, their leaders and the people working with them. The director’s aim is to establish a Hungarian HUB and want to learn more about how this is done in Bergen. She will stay in Bergen for four months.

The EEA Grants have NGO programmes in all 15 beneficiary states. Similar internship opportunities will become available also in other countries.  
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