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Spurring business activity in Cordoba

With funding from the EEA Grants, a centre for the development of business activity and training will be constructed in Cordoba, creating new opportunities for the region`s inhabitants.

Cordoba has traditionally been one of the poorer Spanish provinces, and the development of the area is still held back by low levels of educational attainment in large sections of the population. The unemployment rate is particularly high among the young, a key reason being the lack of qualifications and opportunities for vocational training.

In such an environment, there is a distinct need for projects to bring about development. In order to spur new activity and help create a more prosperous future for the area, a nearly 5000 m2 Centre for Training and Support for Business Initiative and Activity will be built in Cordoba. The development of the centre is managed by the Cordoba Businessmen`s Confederation (CECO), a professional non-profit business organisation seeking to advance business activity and training in the region.

After the completion of the centre, a process estimated to last two years, the centre will house the Cordoba business and educational community`s concerted action. These include a range of schemes to strengthen business initiative, provision of services to the business community, and perhaps most importantly, the development of human capital through occupational and vocational training. This last component is particularly aimed at groups that at present are on the margins of the labour market, such as the young, women, older people, and people with disabilities.

The construction of the centre will significantly strengthen efforts to modernise and adapt the business and human capital in the region. "Without doubt, if the aid was not granted, the Confederation would have to face the cost of the project alone, and, obviously, the future activities of the centre would have to be reduced", said secretary general of CECO, Antonio Díaz Córdoba.