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Frontpage News 2012 Progressing with new programmes

Photo credit: Christopher Vander Eecken

Progressing with new programmes

To date, around 60 programmes have been sent to the donors for approval in the current funding period. With new funding made available under the EEA and Norway Grants 2009-2014, many open calls are scheduled for the first quarter of 2013.

The programmes approved over the last two months are in areas such as biodiversity and ecosystem services, children and youth at risk, public health initiatives, civil society support, cultural and natural heritage, renewable energy and combating gender-based violence.

Once the programmes are approved by the donors, programme operators can launch calls for project proposals. All open calls for project proposals are published in the calendar.

Projects may be implemented until 2016. Bilateral partnerships between entities from beneficiary and donor countries, promoted at both programme and project level, are actively encouraged by the Grants.

Malta – environment, cultural and natural heritage, capacity-building and correctional services

In Malta, over €2 million have been allocated to a programme supporting renewable energy, adaptation to climate change, and the country’s cultural and natural heritage. The Norwegian Coastal Administration is the donor programme partner, providing expertise on adaptation to climate change. Correctional services, including non-custodial sanctions, and capacity-building and institutional cooperation between Malta and Norwegian public institutions, local and regional authorities are supported by about €1.4 million in grants. A further €500,000 will strengthen civil society development in Malta.

Slovakia – civil society

Another two programmes are supporting the civil society in Slovakia, with €6.9 million allocated to strengthen the country’s non-governmental organisations (NGOs). The two programmes aim to bolster democracy and human rights, as well as foster active citizenship and inclusion.

Cyprus – public health initiatives, children and youth at risk, justice, domestic and gender-based violence

About €2.2 million have been allocated to biodiversity and ecosystem services, protecting children and youth at risk, and safeguarding the cultural and natural heritage in Cyprus. A programme aiming to support public health initiatives, justice and home affairs, civil society and the combat against domestic and gender-based violence is financed by €3.4 million in grants. The Norwegian Secretariat of the Shelter Movement is partnering on the combat against domestic and gender-based violence in Cyprus.

Bulgaria - scholarships

In Bulgaria, €1.5 million has been earmarked to finance the scholarships programme which aims to enhance the country’s human capital and knowledge base. The Icelandic Centre for Research, Liechtenstein’s National Agency for International Education Affairs, and the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education are the donor programme partners.