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Frontpage News 2012 Invitation to tender – selection of a Fund Operator for NGO Programme in Slovenia


Invitation to tender – selection of a Fund Operator for NGO Programme in Slovenia

The Financial Mechanism Office (FMO) – the Brussels-based secretariat of the EEA Grants – is calling for bids for a Fund Operator to manage the NGO Programme in Slovenia.

The EEA Grants are providing €1 875 000 to the Slovenian NGO Programme. The Programme is to be implemented over the next three years and aims at strengthening civil society development in the country.

Applicant entities must be autonomous of government and registered in Slovenia, with strong ties to the country’s NGO sector and experience in re-granting. The bid may be submitted by one single entity or by a consortium of two or more entities. The budget for the development and management of the NGO Programme is between €187 500 and €243 750.  The successful organisation will be contracted directly by the FMO.

 Schedule, deadlines and submission of bids

Event Deadline
Invitation to tender 7 November 2012
Submission of bids 7 January 2013
Opening of bids 8 January 2013
Candidate selection 25 January 2013
Finalisation of the programme proposal 27 February 2013
Start of work As soon as possible


The deadline for submission of bids is 16:00 (Brussels time) on 7 January 2013. Please send a duly signed hard copy of your application by registered post to:

Gabriela Voicu, Senior Sector Officer for Civil Society, Financial Mechanism Office, 12-16 Rue Joseph II, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

A copy of the signed bid should also be sent in electronic format to: NGO-proposals@efta.int

The documents related to the tender are available here:

The Terms of Reference (ToR) include information about the work to be carried out and the responsibilities of the Fund Operator. The rules on the appointment and contracting of Fund Operators provide additional information on the process. All items included in Section 6 (Content of Bid) of the ToR must be provided in the bid.

Please direct any questions to Gabriela Voicu, Senior Sector Officer for Civil Society,  (Financial Mechanism Office), gvo@efta.int/ +32 211 1813

All bids must also be submitted in compliance with the following documents: