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Improving quality of life in the Hradec Králové Region

  • Through a programme supported by the EEA and Norway Grants, thousands of residents in the Czech Hradec Králové Region will benefit from improved social, educational and medical services.

    The main purpose of the programme is to improve the level of services provided to children, youth and seniors in the Hradec Králové Region in the Northern Czech Republic. With grant support from Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein, buildings housing those services have been reconstructed and renovated. Through giving the organisations providing these services more suitable equipment and surroundings to carry out their activities, the overall quality level of services in the region is heightened.

    One of the sub-projects supported under the programme is the reconstruction and redevelopment of the outdoors relaxation zones at a home for disabled in the small village of ireč. The St. Joseph Home is the only care institution for patients suffering from sclerosis multiplex in the Czech Republic, and the enhancement of the physical surroundings goes a long way to improve the quality of life of its residents.

    The grant has been used to reconstruct the paths in the park adjoining the home, in order to improve accessibility for wheelchair users. A new relaxation zone with an arbour, flower bed and lighting has also been constructed by the banks of the river Elbe. Importantly, the zones do not only benefit the residents of the home, but are also open to children from the local school, as well as boat owners sailing on the river. The newly constructed outdoor area will serve as a welcome meeting place for diverse groups in the local community.

    This sub-project is one of 21 receiving support under the fund, whose beneficiaries include towns, cities, contributory organisations and NGOs. All in all, 19 buildings will be repaired, reconstructed or modernised and 17 sports fields and relaxation zones will be repaired or constructed.

  • Country:

    Czech Republic

    Project title:

    Strengthening of social, educational and medical services in Hradec Kralove Region

    Case number:


    Priority sector:

    Health and childcare


    € 2,270,898



    Type & project assistance:

    Programmes (group of projects)

    Project promoter:

    Hradec Králové Region

    Type of institution:

    Regional authority

    Project duration:

    48 months

    Project cost:

    € 3,529,500

    Grant rate:


    Grant from:

    EEA Grants and Norway Grants

    Grant agreement date:

    30 July 2007

    The purpose of the Programme is to support the development of children, youth and seniors, with focus on the renewal of historical cultural heritage, by providing organisations with reconstructed and modernised buildings to operate in, with the overall objective to provide an improved offer of educational programmes and services of medical prevention for children and youth, and of social and medical services for seniors. Reference is made to the application dated 12 August 2005 and subsequent correspondence with the Focal Point dated 2 August 2006, 11 September 2006, 29 January 2007 and 1 February 2007.

    The completed Programme shall include the following activities and results:

    - Programme management;

    - Sub-projects for the repair, reconstruction and modernisation of buildings used for social, educational and medical services.

    The Intermediary is the Hradec Králové Region.

    The Intermediary shall provide at least 15 percent of estimated eligible Programme cost.