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Frontpage News 2012 Improved monitoring of air and water quality in Poland

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Improved monitoring of air and water quality in Poland

  • Norway finances new equipment for the Regional Inspectorate for Environmental Protection in Szczecin which will improve Poland’s monitoring of air, water and noise pollution.  

    The Regional Inspectorate for Environmental Protection in Szczecin is a provincial government institution responsible for environmental monitoring in the West Pomeranian region in the north-western part of Poland. Until recently, the Inspectorate did not have the necessary modern computer equipment to accurately monitor and measure air, noise and water pollution.

    With €970,000 in financial support from the Norway Grants the Inspectorate has now purchased new computer equipment and software that will significantly improve the quality of pollution measurements and enable the Inspectorate to carry out more efficient and accurate inspections. The new equipment for measuring noise pollution is portable, and can measure noise from various sources, including industrial production, traffic and nightclubs. This equipment will be used to produce acoustic maps of selected areas, and the same equipment will also be purchased for all the other regional inspectorates in Poland. 

    The more accurate measurements will improve the implementation and execution of European environmental law in Poland, which again will lead to improved environmental status by enforcing emission limits. The acquisition of the equipment has brought Poland in line with EU legislation in the field, particularly the Environment Protection Act and the Water Framework Directive. These laws set requirements for environmental protection, emission limits and the rational use of resources, and demand accurate computer-based measurements of air, water and fuel quality and noise levels.

    Photo courtesy of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • Country:


    Project title:

    Improvement of the legislation implementation and enforcement in the frame of the environmental protection through the refitting of the Regional Inspectorate of Environmental Protection in Szczecin with modern inspection and measuring equipment

    Case number:


    Priority sector:

    Environment and sustainable development



    Type & project assistance:

    Individual Project

    Project duration:

    19 months

    Project cost:

    € 1,139,927

    Grant rate:


    Grant agreement date:

    07 August 2008

    The purpose of the Project is to expand and improve the efficiency in monitoring and inspection of air and water quality as well as fuel quality and noise levels in the Regional Inspectorate for Environmental Protection in Szczecin, with the overall objective of improved environmental status as a result of better compliance with legal provisions on environmental protection. Reference is made to the application dated 27 November 2007 and any subsequent correspondence with the Focal Point.

    The completed Project shall include the following activities and results:

    - purchase of equipment and software for measurement of air, noise and water pollution, sewage sampling and detection of sulphur in liquid fuels and software for laboratories management;

    - training of users of new equipment;

    - improved, expanded and intensified inspection of pollution sources

    - improved and expanded monitoring program

    - project management and publicity

    The Project Promoter is the Voivodship Inspectorate for Environmental Protection in Szczecin.

    The Focal Point shall ensure that the Project Promoter provides at least 15 percent of the estimated eligible project costs.