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  • Transforming neighbourhoods in Portugal


    In April 2008, the EEA Grants set off its €3.8 million share of a close to €100 million complex project to combat social exclusion and initiate social change in deprived urban areas in Portugal.

  • First Lithuanian project


    The renovation of three public health facilities in Vilnius have improved the accessibility and quality of health care services for children in Lithuania`s most populous region.

  • Strengthening Czech civil society


    In the period 2004-2009, the €10 million Czech NGO Fund provides financial support to NGOs running projects focusing on human rights and multiculturalism, support to disadvantaged children and young people, and environmental protection.

  • Encouraging democracy


    Supporting grass-root initiatives across the country, the Romanian NGO fund is an important source of funding for the country's civil society sector. Close to 50 NGO projects are now receiving support, from initiatives to encourage democratic processes and promote civic dialogue, to protection of the environment and cultural heritage.

  • \"Bus to Democracy\"


    The Polish €41.5 million NGO fund, supported by a €37.5 million grant from Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland, has released a short film to showcase its progress made in promoting democracy and civil society in Poland.

  • Civil society in Cyprus


    The €1.5 million NGO fund in Cyprus awarded grants to 33 projects aimed at improving health and childcare services or empowering young people to take part in civil society. Several projects are common initiatives by organisations from the 2 Cypriot communities.

  • Standing up for human rights


    In Slovakia, over 30 NGO projects to promote human rights are now underway under the Human Rights Support Program, from advocacy for the Roma minority to a lecture series raising awareness of human rights atrocities around the world.

  • Better work-life balance


    The Women’s Institute in Spain and the Portuguese Association of Numerous Families seek to improve the work-life balance for men and women in Spain and Portugal.

  • Mental healthcare in Romania


    It is estimated that one in five children and adolescents suffer from a mental health problem. Recent reform initiatives of mental healthcare in Romania are now continuing in collaboration with Save the Children.

  • Baroque revamp


    The baroque Chroustovice Castle in the Czech Republic, housing a school for pupils with behavioural and learning difficulties, is renovating its premises with support from the EEA Grants.

  • On-site pollution controls


    Based on Norwegian experiences, the Polish Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection strengthens its capacity to identify and contain industrial emissions, in a project that will benefit the environment in Poland and in neighbouring countries.

  • Improving services


    Through a programme supported by the EEA and Norway Grants, thousands of residents in the Czech Hradec Králové Region will benefit from improved social, educational and medical services.

  • Sustainable tourism


    The 1000-year old sites at the famous Molavenai hillsides in Lithuania will be conserved and used for sustainable cultural and tourism purposes.

  • Spurring business activity


    With funding from the EEA Grants, a centre for the development of business activity and training will be constructed in Cordoba, creating new opportunities for the region`s inhabitants.

  • Restoring Shumen Fortress


    The EEA Grants finance the restoration of the Shumen Fortress, a place of immense significance to the cultural and religious history not only of Bulgaria, but of much of eastern Europe.