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  • Capital clean up in Warsaw


    The city of Warsaw is organising an environmental awareness program for its inhabitants, focusing on recycling and waste management. Less than 40% of Warsaw households have systems for waste segregation and recycling.

  • EEA scholarships in Poland


    1000 Polish students, teachers and staff will study and work in Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway with support from the Polish scholarship fund. Among the numerous cooperation projects between educational institutions in the 4 countries is a new programme for peace studies in Poland to be rolled out in October 2009.

  • Észak-Alföld Region Fund


    The Hungarian Research Fund for the Észak-Alföld Region has provided grants to 10 research institutions.

  • Talent training for Roma


    An integration programme for Roma children and youth starts in Jarovnice, one of the largest Romani settlement in Slovakia.

  • Partnership for development


    Close to 40 joint projects by local entities on both sides of the Hungarian-Ukrainian border are supported under a cross-border fund financed by the EEA and Norway Grants.

  • Young Hungarian researchers


    The EEA and Norway Grants have financed the full-time basic research of 33 young Hungarian researchers under a fund that seeks to nurture and train the next generation of Hungarian scientists.

  • Cross-border cooperation


    In eastern Slovakia, Norway Grants projects spur sustainable development in the disadvantaged border region.

  • Fund for environmental NGOs


    In Hungary, €1 million has been earmarked for projects by environmental NGOs to strengthen their participation in public life and environmental decision-making processes.

  • Polish-Ukrainian cooperation


    With support from the Norway Grants, the small Polish municipality of Ustrzyki Dolne near the country`s Ukrainian border is now set to develop its cross-border cultural and tourist sectors.

  • Schools & scholarship fund


    The €2.8 million Czech Schools and Scholarship fund facilitate student and research mobility, establish partnerships and stimulate cooperation between educational institutions in the Czech Republic and the three EEA-EFTA states.

  • Hydrotherapy for Czech children


    Norway has financed a new swimming pool at the Hamza`s specialised sanatorium, which will offer water-based treatment to 120 patients each day.

  • Hungary NGO fund


     245 projects by non-governmental organisations are supported under the €6.5 million NGO Fund in Hungary.

  • Focus on coastal culture


    Portuguese and Norwegian researchers, culture workers and coastal population gathered in Tromsø between 8 and 10 July for a seminar to exchange experience and views on coastal culture. The seminar is part of an EEA Grants supported project that aims to promote coastal culture as a factor of local development.