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  • Strengthening the Schengen border


    The modernisation of the Terespol border crossing at the Polish-Belarusian border is one of the largest projects supported by the Norway Grants. Nearly 1 million cars and coaches carry 2.3 million passengers across this border each year and this traffic is expected to increase.

  • Developing regional products


    In Poland, the City of Malbork works with German, French, Lithuanian and Swedish partners to promote entrepreneurship, local culture, cuisine and tourist products.

  • On-site pollution controls


    Based on Norwegian experiences, the Polish Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection strengthens its capacity to identify and contain industrial emissions, in a project that will benefit the environment in Poland and in neighbouring countries.

  • Monitoring Portuguese oceans


    Norwegian and Portuguese researchers have deployed research buoys off the Portuguese coast to better forecast climate change and its effect on coastal populations.

  • Cross-border projects in the Bug Euroregion


    Poland's €500 000 cross-border fund for the Euroregion Bug supports 26 multilateral and bilateral partnership projects between partners from Lubelskie region in Poland, Brest region in Belarus and Volyn Region in Ukraine.

  • Latvia public sector projects


    Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway support public sector projects in Latvia to increase the efficiency and competitiveness of regions and local authorities.

  • Frescoes in the limelight


    The Cathedral in Sandomierz, Poland, is currently being restored. The Cathedral is home to Poland`s largest 15th century Russo-Byzantine frescoes, and several previously unknown frescoes have been uncovered in the restoration process.

  • The Lithuanian NGO Fund


    Lithuania's €5.5 million NGO fund supports 105 projects by civil society organisations, within the priority sectors sustainable development and strengthening of the democracy and civil society.

  • Czech cathedral renovation


    The interior of the Cathedral of St Wenceslas in Olomouc, the Czech Republic, will be restored with support from Norway.

  • Lithuanian Capacity Building Fund


    The €3.7 million Lithuanian Capacity Building Fund supports 62 projects that aim to contribute to the development of the regional policy and reduction of social and economic disparities in the country.

  • Special care for infants


    The number of prematurely born babies is up in the Czech Republic. 12 new intensive care units are now in place in 9 Czech cities to also increase the survival rate of the newborns.

  • Halting the loss of biodiversity


    The €590,000 Rescue Programme for Endangered Species in the Czech Republic supports 23 projects to stabilize populations of selected endangered species of plants and animals.