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  • Improving environmental education in Latvia


    Study material and university study courses in environmental science and sustainable development have been developed at the University of Latvia with €470,000 in support from the Norway Grants.  

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Poland


    Emissions of greenhouse gases from the Youth Education Centre in the town of Bartoszyce have been reduced by almost 7300 tonnes per year after renovation and modernisation of the heating system. 

  • Latvia regional fund


    Norway finances 10 projects that aim to promote regional development in Latvia border regions and strengthen bilateral cooperation between Latvia and its neighbouring states.

  • 15th century monastery restored in Hungary


    A Carmelite monastery in Sopronbánfalva has been renovated and made into an educational retreat and meditation centre with support from the EEA Grants. The new retreat centre will open in March 2011.  

  • Keeping Wislok River clean


    18 Polish municipalities are cooperating with Norwegian municipalities and organisations to teach their inhabitants about their joint responsibility of keeping the drinking water in the Wislok River clean.

  • Transposition of EU law


    Norway supports Poland's efforts to improve its poor track-record of transposing European directives into national law.

  • Connecting Sami and Slovak culture


    Two upper secondary schools in Norway and Slovakia are co-operating on a 2-year project teaching students about protecting the environment and the cultural heritage.

  • Improving health services in Slovakia


    With support from the EEA and Norway Grants, the Bratislava self-governing region has developed a hydrotherapy centre to improve its therapeutic services for disabled children and adults.

  • Sustainable consumption


    A comprehensive social science research project leading the way for ecologically sustainable consumption and production is being carried out in Hungary.

  • Carpathian Troy Open-Air Museum ready in 2011


    In Trzcinica, one of the most important archaeological sites in Poland is being turned into an open air museum in order to protect the historic site and make it available for tourists.

  • Romania battles child pornography


    Romanian police officers will receive new equipment and training to fight child pornography on the internet. Until now, police officers have lacked dedicated work stations with internet access.

  • Maintaining Bratislava's heart beat


    In the historical heart of Bratislava's Old Town, the EEA and Norway Grants support the restoration of the cultural building 'Reduta', which is the home of the Slovak Philharmonic.

  • Uncovering the secrets of Warsaw's Old Town


    Renovation works in the medieval town cellars of Warsaw's Old Town reveal Polish treasures. In July, a sack with 1200 silver coins was discovered – the oldest dating back to 1663.