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  • New knowledge centre


    With the assistance of the EEA and Norway Grants, the Dermatology Clinic of the Semmelweis University in Budapest, Hungary, aims to become a Central European knowledge centre in its field.

  • Battling drug addiction in Hungary


    With €1 million in support from the Norway Grants, the Diótörés Foundation can continue to provide healthcare and rehabilitation treatment for young, homeless drug addicts in Hungary.

  • Wings over Europe


    More than 40 students from 2 secondary schools in Liechtenstein and Slovakia are cooperating on the "Flight over Europe" project. Students learn how to coordinate environmental protection efforts and protect the bird fauna of the Danube Lowland.

  • Open learning centres in Hungary


    To address shortages in provision for adult learning in Hungary, nine open learning centres were established in 2010 in disadvantaged areas of the country.

  • Making dreams come true


    The local government in Aba, Hungary, is currently fulfilling a lifelong dream. By expanding the local elementary school and combining art education with regular studies, it hopes to improve the life conditions of disadvantaged children and stop the migration of young people from the region.

  • New home for the Mini Teater


    Thanks to a €600, 000 grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, the highly successful non-profit Mini Teater in Ljubljana finally enjoys a tailor-made venue of its own.

  • New security system for the Czech National Gallery


    Supported by €850,000 from the Norway Grants and in partnership with the Norwegian Directorate of Cultural Heritage, the National Gallery in Prague has modernised its security system to safeguard its works of art.

  • New mapping authority


    An EEA Grants funded tripartite cooperation project between Iceland, Norway and Romania is preparing the ground for the foundation of a new Romanian mapping authority.

  • Reinvigorating community life


    The renovation of the old post office and community house in Balatonáracs, Hungary, will provide local inhabitants with a much-needed meeting place and help reinvigorate communal life.

  • Cross-border ecotourism


    The two sister cities of Chełm, Poland, and Kovel, Ukraine, are working together to promote economic growth and cross-border interaction in their border region, with a focus on developing ecologically sustainable tourism.