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  • Environmental cooperation launch in Oslo


    New opportunities for green partnerships in Europe were in focus of a “kick-off” conference earlier this week in Oslo. It was a chance for over hundred potential Norwegian partners and representatives from 11 beneficiary countries to meet and discuss areas of possible environmental cooperation offering mutual benefit under the EEA and Norway Grants.

  • Four agreements signed with Slovakia


    Agreements were signed with Slovakia this week for programmes worth €35 million on climate change, green industry innovations, social inclusion and domestic and gender based violence. This will benefit Slovak entities interested in cooperation in these fields with Norwegian partners.

  • Green light for decent work projects


    Norway will give €6.8 million to fund 48 projects stimulating decent work and tripartite cooperation between employer’s organisations, trade unions and public authorities in 11 EU member states in the Baltics, Central and Southern Europe.

  • Grants 2009-2014 launched in Poland


    The first large conference for the new funding period of the EEA and Norway Grants 2009-2014 took place on 18 October in Warsaw. The conference was an information meeting for programmes in environment, culture and health, and attracted more than 200 participants from across Poland.

  • Restored Krakow landmark


    The Norway Grants have provided the necessary financing to renovate the 13th century Cloth Hall in Krakow, one of the city's landmarks and main tourist attractions.

  • Norwegian-Hungarian robot romance goes global


    A Norwegian–Hungarian robot technology project for the health care sector and small and medium sized enterprises has received global attention and celebrated the success in Budapest in May.

  • Krakow`s Jesuit Pearls


    Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway take part in preserving some of Krakow's architectural gems for coming generations.

  • Preserving Lithuanian baroque church


    With the support of the Norway Grants, a wooden baroque church in the village of Degučiai, in the Šilute district in Lithuania, will be reconstructed.

  • Drug abuse prevention


    The Psychiatric Rehabilitation Centre in Horní Beřkovice, the Czech Republic, has launched a new education and training centre for drug abuse prevention.

  • Newborns save lives in Slovakia


    Newborn babies can be more than the pride and joy of their parents. As showed by a healthcare project in Slovakia, they can also help save lives.

  • Lisbon's fortress lines


    The newly restored Zambujal fortress north of Lisbon, Portugal, was opened to the public in January 2010. The fortress is part of the Linhas de Torres Vedras fortress lines, which are undergoing restoration thanks to €1.5 million in support from the EEA Grants.