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Frontpage News 2010 New social integration centre in Poland

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New social integration centre in Poland

With the support of EEA and Norway Grants, a new centre for social integration has been opened in Chorzów in Poland, offering the local residents social activities and support.

The new centre offers activities and support to all age groups, bringing the community of Chorzów closer together. At the centre, the town’s elderly residents can enjoy participating in various activity workshops and training courses, which are offered to them in order to prevent isolation and loneliness, and to promote a healthy life-style and active participation in society.

The centre also organises free-time activities for the younger population, such as cinema and theatre evenings, excursions and different sports and creative courses. In addition, children and youth can turn to the centre if they need support from educators and psychologists.

Promoting equal opportunities

The new Social Integration Centre is the result of a project called ‘Just the same’, which has been implemented by the Association for the Family. The centre is expected to become a positive addition to the social environment of the town of Chorzów.

The establishment of the new Social Integration Centre in Chorzów has been made possible by almost €235,000 in support through the Polish NGO fund of the EEA and Norway Grants. This fund finances 130 NGO projects in Poland aiming to promote equal opportunities and social integration, and has received €12.5 million in support from the EEA and Norway Grants.

Photo credit: the Association for the Family