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Frontpage News 2010 A lifesaver on wheels


A lifesaver on wheels

On 26 May, a brand new Norway Grants supported lung screening bus was inaugurated in Hungary.

The new unit is a bus in which the Hungarian Maltese Charity Association will provide free screening for infectious diseases and lung cancer for the homeless, enabling early diagnoses.

10 000 people were screened last year, of which 400 were referred for further treatment.

"Today we are inaugurating a new and modern screening bus, and I'm proud that the Norway Grants support a project that is determined to prevent spreading of infectious diseases and cancer among disadvantaged groups," said Norway's Ambassador to Hungary, Siri Ellen Sletner.

"The work of the Hungarian Maltese Charity Association is extremely important as they focus on screening those who need it the most: homeless, those living in institutions and inmates in prisons for tuberculosis and cancer. The new bus truly is a lifesaver on wheels," concluded the Ambassador.

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Photo: Guri M. Smenes, Royal Norwegian Embassy, Budapest.