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Frontpage News 2010 5-nation cooperation on developing regional products


5-nation cooperation on developing regional products

In Poland, the City of Malbork work with German, French, Lithuanian and Swedish partners to promote entrepreneurship, local culture, cuisine and tourist products.

Supported through the Polish cross-border and inter-regional fund of the EEA and Norway Grants, the Malbork project aims to develop the city’s economy and tourism by drawing on skills and experiences from other regions.

Within the project, the City of Malbork is working in partnership with the regions of Lower Saxony and North Rhine Westphalia in Germany, Picardy Region in France , Vilnius County in Lithuania and Blekinge region in Sweden.

The tastes of Europe
Representatives of the partner regions have travelled to Malbork to provide input and lectures on how to search for and decide on regional products to develop. Additionally, an international workshop between the participating regions was held to exchange experiences of economic as well as touristic developments among a broader range of European regions.

At the workshop, focused on regional marketing and touristic products, participants from several countries introduced each other to products characteristic for their regions. This involved presenting the way different products and tourist attractions were developed and sharing information on how the local communities were engaged in the developments.

In order to strengthen the inter-regional cooperation, an equally important element of the project has been the mutual promotion of the cities in the partner regions on the Internet and in regional media and informal and promotional materials.

Photo credit: the City of Malbork