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  • Promising new year for foster children in Koická Nová Ves


    The children and staff at the Children’s house foster home in Košická Nová Ves, Slovakia, have had a memorable holiday season. Next Christmas, several of the children will have moved out from their dormitories and into family-style residential houses, thanks to €400 000 from the EEA and Norway Grants.

  • Diploma award ceremony for trainers


    In cooperation with the Norwegian Defence University College, 4000 Hungarian ex-soldiers will undergo a comprehensive job training programme to provide them with skills needed for reintegration into the civilian labour market. The completion of the first part of the project, training the trainers, was celebrated at a diploma award ceremony in Budapest on 11 December.

  • Safer blood transfusions


    Thanks to support from the EEA and Norway Grants, a nationwide database to ensure blood supply traceability will be launched within the next few months in Hungary. An increase in blood supply traceability will help combat diseases such as aids, hepatitis and syphilis.