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Integrating fairytales in classrooms

Hungarian elementary schools introduce folklore into teaching of minority children to increase their familiarity with both Hungarian and minority cultures.

The Cilinder Theatre and School Foundation is applying a €24 000 grant from the Hungarian NGO Fund of the EEA and Norway Grants to develop interactive presentations of Hungarian and minority cultures through tales and cultural artefacts. The target group of the project is primarily school children.

During the course of the project, students at the Cilinder Elementary Art School, of which a large percentage is Roma children, will be introduced to the diversity of Hungarian culture through tales and theatre. Both enjoyable and meaningful, fairytales are valuable teaching material for teachers. While every culture has their own tales, the stories often have universal values and plots which when used in teaching can increase students' familiarity with other cultures. By introducing fairytales as teaching materials, the school aims to improve social awareness, strengthen the position of the minorities' cultural heritage and spread knowledge about minority cultures in Hungary.

 /></p><p>The project is carried out in cooperation with the Museum of Ethnography in Budapest. In January 2010, the museum hosted a 2-day workshop that focused on 14 folk tales and a number of artefacts, tools and folk traditions connected with these tales. High minority schools with Armenian, Austrian, Croatian, Jewish and Roma students from Budapest, Marcal, Pécs and Szentendre participated in the workshop.</p><p>Photo: Museum of Ethnography.</p></body></html>