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Frontpage News 2009 Environmental training in Hungarian schools

Environmental training in Hungarian schools

The schools in the city of Szolnok are about to start educating about environmental protection. A total €2.1 million is now available for training programmes for the city`s teachers and students, environmental protection initiatives and international exchanges.

The self-government of the city of Szolnok has chosen to spend the EEA and Norway Grants on environmental education to make its inhabitants commit to environmental friendly behaviours. A €2.3 million fund is now in place to re-grant to projects that seek to improve the environmental awareness and protection in the county. The fund launched its open call today, and applications for grants should be submitted to the self government by 12 May 2009.

The new fund is an initiative by the self-government to increase the environmental awareness within the county, particularly the knowledge of teachers who will pass information on to children and students. Projects will be supported that include training courses and awareness raising for teachers, students and the general public. Funding is also available for infrastructure projects which contribute to environmental protection such as waste collection systems and promotion of bicycling.

Further information and contact details are available in the open call text.