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Frontpage News 2009 1 million in grants to Hungarian NGOs

1 million in grants to Hungarian NGOs

Hungarian non-governmental organisations may now apply for up to €20,000 in grants for small-scale projects.

The Hungarian NGO fund was one of several funds for civil society actors that revived top-up funding at the end of the 5 year commitment period of the EEA and Norway to make sure all funds were absorbed. Thanks to the additional funding, the fund this week made close to €1 million available for 40-50 projects by Hungarian nongovernmental organisations.

Hungarian NGOs may apply for grants up to €20,000 for 10 month long projects within the following fields:

  • Environmental protection and sustainable development
  • Civil liberties and capacity building
  • Social cohesion, and health and childcare
  • Cultural heritage

The application round involves two rounds of project selection, with a simplified online application at www.norvegcivilalap.hu in the first round, and the selection of approximately 200 project concepts to be developed into full-fledged applications in a second part of the application process.
The deadline for the first stage is 5 October. Applicants will be informed about the result by 6 November and the successful applicants have until 21 December to work out their proposal.
In November, the Hungarian Environmental Partnership Foundation, managing the fund, will hold one-day project planning and development training workshops in each of Hungary's regions. The workshops are free and open for everyone interested.

The application forms and documents related to the open call are available at www.norvegcivilalap.hu.