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  • New family homes for SOS Children's Villages


    The Norway Grants have partnered with SOS Children's Villages to help orphaned and abandoned children find a new family and home in southern Estonia. On 15 June 2009, construction works began on three new family homes in Põltsamaa.

  • Ensuring student mobility


    Many European countries battle stagnating student mobility. But while overall numbers may drop, the EEA and Norway Grants give important stimulus to student exchanges from Central and Southern Europe to Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

  • Polish campaign to vote in EP elections


    A nationwide campaign to encourage Polish citizens to cast their vote in the European Parliament elections has named the Polish municipality Podkowa Leśna "the Heart of Europe" after recording Poland's highest voter turnout at 50.8 percent.

  • High level of academic research cooperation


    International cooperation within the field of academic research is particularly important for long-term social and economic progress. New insight is produced by sharing resources, ideas, knowledge and experience.

  • Supporting researchers across Europe


    Eight academic research funds have been established under the EEA and Norway Grants. The funds support a broad spectrum of research activities, with a special focus on environment, sustainable development and health.

  • Status report 2009: Making a difference


    The EEA and Norway Grants status report 2009 highlights the major achievements of the social and economic development projects that Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway support in Central and Southern Europe.

  • Polish-Nordic cultural exchange


    Nine projects have been approved under the Polish Cultural Exchange Fund after its second call for proposals. 18 Norwegian and Icelandic entities are now set to engage in cooperation projects with Polish cultural institutions.

  • Charity relay opened Haapsalu stadium, Estonia


    Several hundred children turned out at the newly renovated sport facilities of the Estonian coastal town of Haapsalu on 7 May for a relay bringing together Estonian and Norwegian aspiring athletes.